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Hair curler manufacturers use curlers for the wrong demonstration

One, the wrong size of the curler
Curler manufacturers can achieve different results in different sizes of hair curlers, so size is crucial. Trumpet curlers are generally used to achieve finer hair curls or waves, especially for short hair. Large curlers are for larger, fluffy curls and are better for long hair.
Second, did not handle hair well in advance
Protecting against thermal damage is a very important step in preventing hair damage. Also, make sure that the hair is completely dry before using the hair curler. Using hair curlers on wet hair will undoubtedly cause the hair to split and break.
Third, the volume was in the wrong direction
Rolling the wrong direction will ruin your entire shape, so be sure to follow certain rules. To feel more natural, you should roll your hair out of your face. The curler manufacturer reminds you to remember that different sides of the face should be rolled in different directions. For example, the right hair is rolled to the left, while the left hair should be rolled to the right.
Four, rotating curling iron
It is one of the most common mistakes to curl the hair tail with a curling iron and turn the hair stick to the head. To achieve a long-lasting fluffy effect, you should actually take the opposite approach: lift the curler, point the top of the hair curler to the ground, place the hair stick close to the hair root, wind the hair on the curling iron, hold it for a moment, and release .
Five, once rolled too much hair
Partition, partition, partition! The smaller the partition, the better. If you roll up too much hair at a time, the heat is not evenly distributed. This will make the curl straighten.
Six, stay too long
Obviously, the curler's heat is not a good thing for hair. No one wants to see the hair dip fork, so the curler stays on the hair for less than 10 seconds and avoids the maximum temperature setting, although this type of setting may be better.
Seven, touch the hair immediately
Curler manufacturers warn not to do bad things. If you just put down the roller, you hurry to touch your hair with your finger, which means that you will destroy the hair curl you just made. Wait at least 15 minutes, or wait for the hair to cool naturally, then use your fingers to disperse the curls.
Eight, do not clean hair rollers
The styling product remains on the hair rollers and will be transferred to your clean hair on the next use. It is easy to dry the hair. Therefore, it is best to prepare the wet tissue and wipe it up after each use.