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Curler customization factory outlines the main features of the curler

The hair curler is a combination of multiple functions, which not only has the function of straight hair and curly hair, but also protects the hair and nourishes the hair while perms. It not only has a straight hair curl function, but also negative ion and steam function, better protect the hair, no longer rough. Curls can be divided into inner and outer rolls according to the major categories. In-volume: The volume looks more subtle, and the overall exudes a temperament that makes the face look softer. Outer roll: The shape looks more lively. The traditional hair curler hair style is not good design, and the automatic hair curler has natural wave, soft curl, fashion charming three classic hairstyles, a variety of DIY combination changes. In addition, the automatic curling iron sets the temperature, time, and direction through the system, so that the curly hair design is fully controllable, and there is a natural and perfectly curled balanced heating design, which does not hurt the hair quality design, humanized anti-hot face design, and smart work safety to prevent electric shock. Design, fully automatic system design, untwisted and hairless hair sensor design, and more than 10 years of life design, and many other innovations have definitely ended traditional curling tools.
Speed hot core system
German X7 core technology, the hairdressing industry's most advanced express heating system, 30 seconds instant heating, shaping dynamic natural curly hair.
Tourmaline ceramic panel
The titanium nano tourmaline ceramic panel adopts innovative technology, which disperses the heat evenly, reduces the frizzy hair, does not hurt the hair, and helps repair the hair.
Untangled sensor
Really leading technological innovation, smooth and smooth without tangle technology, plus hair motion detector control, do not pull without clip hair, straight hair into, curls out.
Anti-hot face design
There is no need to worry about the traditional hair curlers burning on the face. The automatic hair curlers have humanized anti-electrical design for anti-hot face protection, insulation and heat insulation, and are more comfortable to use.
Eco-friendly power-saving mode
The first automatic sleep mode, instant heat storage, instant heating, truly efficient energy saving, automatically reduce power consumption.