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What are the maintenance items for curler custom hair curler?

Note 1, the brand:
There are many brands of household hair curlers currently on the market, ranging in price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. When purchasing, it is recommended that you try to buy brand-name products produced by Dachang, and pay attention to whether the product packaging indicates the manufacturer, product model and other specific information, to avoid the purchase of poor quality counterfeit products.
Matters needing attention 2, appearance:
Regardless of which brand of hair curler is chosen, checking the appearance of the product is a necessary step. First of all, the appearance of hair curlers should be stylish and small, easy to grasp; In addition, the appearance of various parts should be structured, uniform and tight joints; Third, we must also pay attention to the weight of hair curlers, curlers are usually relatively good quality will be relatively Some weight.
Matters needing attention 3, material:
Observing the material of the critical part of the hair curler is also an important part of the purchase of hair curlers. It is recommended that you buy Dongguan's hair curler surface for ceramic glazed, ceramic glaze smooth quality products, such products are not only smooth and clean, and long life, easy to take care of.
Curling device maintenance methods:
Maintenance method 1, read the instructions in detail, understand the accessories and structure of the hair curler;
Maintenance method 2, determine that the hair curler and the power supply are separated and the temperature is room temperature;
Maintenance method 3, the hair of the hair curler (such as hair comb, curling comb, etc.) removed;
Maintenance method 4, the Dongguan curling iron other accessories (such as wind mouth, perm, etc.) collected complete;
Maintenance method 5, use clean water with neutral detergent to clean all kinds of hair;
Maintenance method 6, the use of soft cloth, hair dryer to clean the hair curler wind mouth and other parts;
Maintenance method 7, the cleaning of the finished parts with a soft cloth initially wiped;
Maintenance method 8, dry accessories placed in a cool, ventilated place naturally cloudy;
Maintenance method 9, the use of neutral detergent will curler handle water stains, grease clean;
Maintenance method 10, Dongguan hair curlers with clean water to remove the cleaning agent on the handle;
Maintenance methods 11, the same handle dry and placed in a cool dry place dried;
Maintenance method 12, after the completion of the above steps to check whether the curler circuit part of the phenomenon of damage on it.