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How to use the hair curler in Dongguan

Curler use steps:
Step 1: Wash and dry the hair first, cut it into a suitable pattern, and then layer and comb on the roll;
Step 2: Before makeup, spray makeup water evenly on the hair. It can not only reduce the damage to the hair, but also make the hair curl more durable;
Step 3: Use a pointed tail comb to divide the head U area. The U area is divided into two parts before and after, and the back part of the head is divided into two parts. The U area is partly hair, the front part is forward and flat, and the back part is made flat. When the volume is to be perpendicular to the ground, such hair curlers will make the head shape more plump, giving rise to a volume sense of volume;
Step 4: The hair outside the U zone is longitudinally divided according to the volume of hair, and the curling device is used to measure the hair of the lower half of the volume from the inside. Note that the part of the hair that is left out of the bangs is not rolled, and starts from the hair behind the ear;
Step 5: After curling up the lower part of the hair, put the hair clip on the head down, and then start to curl the upper part of the hair;
Step 6: After the roll is rolled, gently insert the root of the hair with your fingers, and gently separate the hair curls with your fingers to make the hair roll appear more natural;
Step 7: Spray the styling sprayer on the shape to allow the styling to last longer;
Tips: everyone in the process of modeling should pay attention to according to their own head and hair length, each part to choose different thickness curlers roll. However, it is better to have at least two and a half turns of hair in each curl.
Curler tips:
Big Waves: Large waves can expand outwardly. It's best for women with thick hair to not top the head and hair ends. If the hair in front is short, only about half of it is rolled to form a natural wave. After a period of wave rolling, the pine develops a roll, combs it with a large comb or finger, and then sets it with hairspray.
Wheat Spoon: This hairstyle is characterized by its ability to show the thickest hair. First of all, make sure that the volume from the inside of the hair to the hair root is determined by the first rotation. The key is not to roll a lot of hair at one time.
Sagging natural roll: Use hair curlers to make natural curls. Only when the hair is completely dry, curls can be done well, and damage to the hair is small. From the place where the hair roots are 10cm away from the root, only the hair is sparse and long and spreads out on all four sides to form natural and fresh curls.
Cute roll down to the shoulder: suitable for long-haired hairstyles. Use an electric hair curler to make all the hair into a big flower, roll the middle big roll in, then fix the front hair with a hairpin