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Hair straightener manufacturers in the use of hair straightener matters needing attention

Experts suggested that women's daily use of hair straighteners will cause deep damage to the hair, resulting in dry hair, split ends, easy to break, difficult to recover for a long time. Experts particularly cautioned against the use of new ceramic coated hair straighteners. Although such hair straighteners have more hair care than traditional hair straighteners, hair damage is not diminished. Because it has a "protection" function, it tends to make people relax. The heat of the hair straightener is set at the highest level, and it is frequently used, causing hair to be repaired without repair.
Professor Phillip Artemi, a dermatologist in Sydney, said that hair damage caused by the use of hair straighteners is becoming more common in Australia, and more and more women are appearing in clinics to save their severely damaged hair. It is ubiquitous throughout the world.
To save damaged hair, the experts also put forward their own suggestions: cut the hair and keep it for 2 to 3 years, stop using hair straighteners, hair dryers and heating products, and avoid sun exposure.
Why hair straightener hurts hair
Compared to chemical perms, plastic hair straighteners use a physical method. Chemicals change the structure of the protein in the hair. Curing through the syrup, it will obviously hurt the hair. Generally after the perm, the hair will feel very hairy, this is the damage to the hair. In contrast, although plastic hair straighteners cannot always keep the hair in a sculpted shape, physical fixation only temporarily changes the shape of the hair, which is essentially no damage to the hair.
Hair straightener manufacturers use plastic straighteners because they have poor plastic plastic hair straighteners and often hook hair. This kind of pull is also considered to be a kind of damage to the hair, so when buying plastic hair straighteners, you should choose better quality, at least do not feel scratchy on your hand, you can buy without hanging hair. For hair with soft hair, it is not recommended to use plastic hair sticks, because the fixed time is longer and the effect is also very poor.
Hair straightener manufacturer's 6 hair straighteners use action
(1) Use a hair curler when the hair is wet
When curlers are used in wet hair, there is no way to do it. Not only that, some of the necessary water for the hair will fly away together, so it is better to use a hair curler after drying the hair.
(2) No plasticizer
The plasticizer used in curls protects the hair from high temperature damage and allows long-lasting curls.
(3) The hair curler of the hair straightener manufacturer is overheated
If the hair curler without the temperature adjustment function is heated excessively, the temperature may be as high as 160 to 180 degrees.
This temperature is not as hot as fried sweet, very high temperature. If you choose to adjust the temperature of the hair stick, try to adjust at 145 degrees, can not do, we must pay attention not too hot!
(4) Touch the hair stick with the hair for a long time
If you come into contact with something hot for too long, it will cause immediate damage. It is usually best to remove the wand for 3 to 5 seconds.
(5) Roll up to the tail
The tail part is also very easy to hurt, so starting from the middle of the hair, there is a way to roll out a truly natural arc!
(6) Did not do anything other than drying his hair before going to bed
After you dry your hair, do not forget to apply oil or some maintenance agent that does not need to be rinsed. The complete nutritional supplementation of hair during sleep is also a way to reduce injuries!