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Dongguan hair straightener use Raiders

Learning how to use a hair straightener not only allows us to have a beautiful shape, but also reduces the damage of the shape on the hair, allowing you to have beautiful and healthy hair at the same time.
Straightener Usage Tips:
1. Using a hair straightener with a lid to cover the lid when heated can make it easier for the hair straightener to reach the desired temperature, reducing energy consumption. However, such hair straighteners must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions.
2. If it is a concealed hair straightener, it must not be wet when it is cleaned. Wipe it with a dry towel.
3, in general, the curling bar temperature is about 50 degrees, but because the temperature of the hair stick will fall when touching the hair, so generally need to heat to 90 degrees, and the heating time is usually 10-20 minutes can.
4, some hair straighteners have a temperature display, that is, from red to black, so just look at the color of the top of the reel can know the temperature.
5. The level of the hair straightener is measured by the speed of the temperature drop. Therefore, the hair straightener filled with the heat storage agent is the best.
6, the hand must not touch the other parts of the heating rod with current, so as to avoid danger.
7. Avoid moisture or moisture in the live parts of the hair straightener. Avoid using hair straighteners in the bathroom or near water sources.
8, excessive wet hair is not suitable for direct use of hair straighteners, because moisture may enter the hair straightener inside, causing hair straightener damage.
9. The temperature used for different parts and different hair styles will also be different, so don't worry about using all the high temperatures, this will easily cause burns to the hair and burn parts of the heating parts.
10. Regularly do the maintenance of hair straighteners. For example, hair straighteners are usually placed in a dry place, and hair straighteners should be inspected in a timely manner to ensure the safety of insulation.