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Curler direction

Different hair curlers of different qualities not only have different curling effects, but also have different degrees of damage to the hair. Therefore, whether or not the hair curler hurts the hair has a lot to do with the choice of hair curlers.
Because of the relationship between the curler and the curling principle, it will inevitably cause some damage to the hair. For example, long-term use will make the hair become very dry, easy to break and so on. Although there may be no curlers that do not harm the hair, it is still possible to minimize hair damage to hair curlers as long as the attention is paid to this aspect.
When choosing a hair curler, it is best to choose a matte material whose surface is treated with ceramics. It is not only easy to comb, but also does not hurt the hair. Because the hair curler with bright material is quick to conduct heat, it is easy to hurt hair. Quality, charred hair. Or choose a steam bar as a steam-type, so that the shape can be faster and more durable, like the hair in the hair salon, steamer function with a roll bar can help reduce the heat damage to the hair.
For the health of the hair, but also want to have charming hair, then when choosing the hair curler, be sure not to choose cheaper hair curlers in order to figure cheap, try to choose good quality ceramic or steam type, this is also a kind of hair Oh! And the hot hair care must not be neglected. Use moisturizing and moisturizing products to care for the hair.