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Curlers teach you how to use curlers?

First, characteristics
1. Hair sticks and hair straighteners are evenly heated, light and convenient, and beautifully shaped. 2. The power supply of hair sticks and hair straighteners is convenient. It is equipped with several different specifications of hair sticks. The inside and outside heating, the inside and the outside are low, the convection drugs are doubled, the hair tips are not burr, and the forming ripples and harmony are perfect and flexible. Different waves and satisfied hairstyles can be created. 3. The curling rod seal type is good, and can be wiped dry with a damp cloth. 4. There are three modes that can be switched at any time. Digital self-control perm time, to avoid human miscarriage of justice, high perm success rate, suitable for different hair perm, simple and convenient operation
Mode: Three types of single-key cycle: healthy hair, normal hair, and damaged hair; digital timer: indicating the setting value of blanching time, can be set by the "mode" and "time" keys. Range: 1-30 minutes Minutes 5. More scientific thermal energy technology (temperature 135 °C ± 10 °C) so that hair moisture, nutrients and natural oil can be locked, maintain luster, in line with the new century's healthy fashion style. 6 The inner heating element adopts 3D honeycomb double flow design, which has excellent thermal plastic effect; excellent waterproof performance, can use two fixed doses continuously, no leakage, no loss. 7 The outer heating clip is treated by a special process, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
Second, the steps
1. First insert the "V" shaped column (also called the horn head) into the oval behind the panel (after inserting the power cord into the hole underneath before inserting), then tighten the following 3 screws and put the two The power connector is connected. 2. Insert the power cord of this unit into the three-hole power socket connected with the leakage switch and the ground wire. Open the power switch outside the chassis. The power indicator light is on. The default mode is “normal”. The hair style selects the working mode. The timer time will also adjust automatically as the mode changes. 3. After the curling bar is rolled up, insert a number of hair sticks into the output end of the spring connection line, connect the hair straighteners with the double headed wires, and then clamp the hair sticks. 4. Take the “work” button, the machine starts heating and the timer starts counting down. You can use the M key to adjust the working time at any time. Perm can be set according to different hair types. As follows: Hair condition set time Extremely damaged hair 5-10 minutes Normal hair damage 10-15 minutes, Healthy hair 15-20 minutes, Hard hair 20-25 minutes 5, Press "Pause / Work" key delay After three seconds, the heating can be stopped, and the temperature number continues to decrease. Press the “Pause/Job” button again to start heating again, and the temperature number begins to rise.
6. When the timer counts down, there is a “BB” alarm sound and the time is displayed as “OO”. The curling iron manufacturer indicates that the output of each output port is cut off after the machine works. Unplug the power cord when it is no longer used.
Third, the operating instructions
The specific operation of the curler manufacturer is performed according to the following ten steps:
1, diagnosis of hair: normal, healthy, damaged three types 2, shampoo: use special shampoo to wash hair, blowing to 80% dry. 3, soft hair: apply a special syrup to soften the hair. 4. Rinse: After confirming that the softening is successful, rinse with clean water. 5, dry: blow to 7-8 into dry 6, on the bar: the idea hair piece thickness is moderate, after a good bar after the outer layer of paper with a hot hold, and then use a rubber band to fix the hair piece: external heating clamp clamping lever , Conduct the two circuits with a double lead wire, and position the heating assembly in a suitable position and insert the power supply. 7, heating: set a reasonable heating time (recommended: 15 minutes of damaged hair, normal hair, 20 minutes, first inside and outside the appropriate time after heating, then outside the heating 5 minutes, normal hair quality 20 minutes, first inside and outside after heating for the appropriate time , Reheat for 5 minutes to ensure that the tail will not overheat, the hair rod's full power.8, stereotypes: after cooling can be directly on the second dose, or remove the hair rod with a small clip fixed on the second dose of drugs: The second dose has the best effect twice.9 Rinse: Rinse with water.10. Finish the model.
Fourth, hair curler manufacturers use curlers precautions
1. Be sure to check if the local power supply voltage matches the unit before use. 2, gently move when moving the machine. 3, according to the quality of good grasp of softening time. 4. When flushing, rinse with water. When using warm water, do not rinse hard. After washing, apply hair care products. 5. Please don't touch the curling bar when working. After turning off the hair, first turn off the power and wait for the hair curler to cool naturally for 5 minutes before you can remove it from the connecting line. 6. Please use a 3-hole plug with earth wire and leakage switch. 7. Pulling the hair stick with electricity may cause safety and fault hazards. Please be sure to turn on the power after confirming that all poles and clamps are fully connected. 8, the use of hair sticks can be used to clean the towel, it is strictly forbidden to bubble in the water to wash, so as not to flow into the perm core caused by short circuit. 9, hair sticks, hair straightener after aging is forbidden to use.
V. Specifications and technical parameters: Voltage: 220V and 24V, maximum power: 1500W, normal operating power: 800W, working temperature: 180 degrees