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What are the types of hair straighteners for hair straighteners?

1) The hair straightener can be divided into ceramic heating element, PTC heating element and MCH heating element according to the different heating elements.
The advantage of the ceramic heating element is environmental protection, and the heating speed is fast. Generally, the surface temperature of the splint can reach 200 degrees by 30 seconds to 45 seconds. However, since the ceramic heating element is sintered at a temperature of over 1000 degrees, the temperature of the ceramic heating element will rapidly exceed 300 degrees after the circuit is out of control, and the plastic material fixing the heating plate will be burned off, so that the heating plate will come off and there may be contact with it. Users, and burn the skin.
PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, translated as a positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC thermistor. The PTC is also sintered at high temperatures, but the maximum temperature of its surface can be controlled during sintering. According to the manufacturer's requirements, the surface can be sintered to 280 or below, or any temperature desired by the manufacturer, generally sintered to 230 degrees. 280 degrees. However, its disadvantage is that the warming up to 200 degrees is slower, generally about one and a half or two minutes. In addition, in use, it cannot be kept as long as the ceramic heating element
High temperature. The hair straightening effect is slightly worse.
2) The hair straightener can be divided into: a pure ceramic heating plate, an aluminum plate with a ceramic glaze sprayed on the surface, and a crystallized glass plate according to different materials of the heating plate. The advantages of the ceramic heating plate are environmental protection, good insulation performance, and good safety. The disadvantages are long processing cycle, many processing steps, and it is very smooth because the edges are difficult to handle. In the process of straightening the hair, the hair will be slightly twisted.
The advantage of aluminum plate spray ceramic glaze is that it is easy to produce. In addition, due to the mechanical molding, the edges are smooth and do not twist hair. Because the surface is sprayed
Enamel, hair pull effect is also very good. The disadvantage is that since it is metal, it is not insulated. It is necessary to insulate the internal heating element to avoid potential safety problems due to leakage.
The use of microcrystalline glass plates is less, mainly because the smoothness of the surface is not as good as that of ceramic glazes. In addition, it is not easy to form and fix, and the product structure must be redesigned.
3) The hair straightener is structurally divided into two types: V-type and X-type. The early X-type was more popular, but the V-type is more popular recently. Because the V-type can not only straighten the hair, appearance streamlined hair straightener, but also can be used to curl, more and more hairdressers use hair straighteners for curls.
4) The hair straightener is divided into a wired hair straightener and a wireless hair straightener hair straightener according to different power sources, ie, a hair straightener which is connected to a commercial power supply to work, and the wireless charging hair straightener is passed through a charger. Charge the rechargeable battery and use the battery as the power supply.
The advantage of the wired hair straightener is that it can work continuously. The disadvantage is that if the hair straightener is unreasonably designed and produced, there will be potential safety hazards. In addition, there is a power cord that is inconvenient to use. In addition, it is inconvenient to go out and carry. The benefit of the wireless hair straightener is safety, because it is a tributary power supply, and the other is to carry travel conveniently. However, the disadvantage of the wireless hair straightener is that it can only work for 30 minutes to 1 hour after each charge.
5) Hair straighteners can be divided into wide, medium, narrow and mini sizes according to size
The length of the straight plate of the wide plate straightener is generally 90mm, the width is 42mm, the length of the straight plate of the middle plate is generally 90mm, the width is 24mm, the length of the straight plate of the narrow plate is generally 80-90mm, and the width is 13-14MM, mini-straight hair board is generally 60MM in length and 13-14MM in width.
6) The hair straightener can be divided into normal type and wet and dry type according to the type of hair extension. Normal hair straighteners must dry hair before drawing to start hair extension. Wet or dry wet hair can be used. The hair straighteners of the wet and dry hair straighteners should have 8-10 air holes so that the water can turn into steam and emerge from the air holes.
7) Voltage and export country classifications, plugs are China Plug, Euro Plug, US plug (American Leakage Protection Plug), Australian plug, Japanese plug, German electric plug, South Africa plug, plug British plug. Voltage: The universal voltage of 110V-240V also exists, for a certain country, a specific voltage or current.